Sky 21 is a micro VC firm with a startup studio model.  Sky 21 will Fund, Build and Launch startups that are at idea stage to do their PoCs (Proof of Concepts) and take them from idea stage to seed stage. 

The world is changing quickly and so are the methods of doing business. With the rapid growth of technology and globalization, it has become extremely easy these days to get a product developed, marketed, tested and even trashed within a few months. Like life, startups have basic needs that must be met before they can actually begin to function and grow. Since, all startups share the same basic needs in the very beginning, Sky 21 can become a single launch-pad to test many ideas.





The young and dynamic team of Sky 21 believes that every business idea deserves to see the light of day, even if it is not backed by a sound team, financial projections, marketing strategy and other jargons found in the startup space. The team believes that having a product/service idea is actually the first step towards solving a problem that the world might be facing today, and even a brilliant idea can get killed if not given a chance to do a POC. The future of an idea can only be predicted after testing its MVP.  Experts all over the world across different sectors are the best source of innovation and ideas as they are an expert of a particular industry and know it inside out. Sky 21 will be on boarding experts across different industries and sourcing ideas from them in exchange of equity. Sky 21 will be enrolling Product Managers from all over the world for the sourcing of ideas. A Product Manager working in a Fortune 500 is the one responsible for building world class products He/She might be having lot of startup ideas outside their domain but not the courage to quit their jobs , build a team ,raise funds. This is where Sky 21 can help them and launch their ideas. With a network of Business Analysts, Product Managers , Engineers,  Marketers and Angel Investors , entrepreneurs would love to do a POC of their startup idea and prepare it for seed stage funding. An entrepreneur who has a fantastic idea but no resources to build it can contact Sky 21. There are hundreds of startups around the world that fail to build a team or raise funds at the idea stage. Sky 21 will be funding such startups.